Tuition at Laurel Hill is a lump annual sum, divided into 10 monthly payments. The first payment is due in August and the final is due in May. We do not prorate for shorter months (August and December), therefore you pay one set tuition, each month from August through May.

Regular monthly tuition for the academic year 2018/2019:

Co-op Pre-school

Co-op Pre-K

Contracted Extended Care

Drop-in Extended Care

In addition to monthly tuition, families are required to buy or sell one block of tickets in support of our yearly auction raffle. This obligation is typically comparable one month’s tuition.

All rates are subject to yearly increases.

Scholarship Assistance

In an effort to insure that Laurel Hill is accessible to families of all income levels, we offer a tuition assistance program for qualified families. Families receive assistance according to their level of need. Our application process begins the summer prior to the school year. Families qualifying for tuition assistance will be notified of their level of assistance before the first day of the semester.


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