Laurel Hill, originally known as Presidio Nursery School, is founded. It is dedicated “with the primary purpose to maintain a co-operative where children may obtain the highest type of progressive care and education and to promote and furnish adult education in parent-child relationships and nursery school operations.” The first location is 80 Commonwealth Avenue.


A large scale fundraising campaign is launched in order to purchase land and construct a building for the growing pre-school. The three lots at 401 Euclid are partially donated by the Hallinan family.


Ground breaking ceremonies take place at 401 Euclid. Prominent San Francisco dignitaries and families are present - among them are the Swig, Lurie and Magnin families. All have supported the project. As the school reopens, its name is changed to Laurel Hill.


A yard Master Plan is completed to develop the outdoor area, which has been mainly sand dunes.


Laurel Hill celebrates its 40th reunion. Katherine Whiteside-Taylor, the founder of the co-op movement in the Bay Area is keynote speaker. The mortgage papers are burned and the deed is given to the board of directors.


A new classroom is constructed to house a Pre-K program.


A master plan for the yard space and lower slope is presented, under the leadership of the Yard Committee. A beautiful new stage is completed.


Laurel Hill commemorates its 50th Anniversary with a gala celebration attended by hundreds of alumni, including the honorable Willie Brown.


Laurel Hill begins to look at the new ways to serve the community, offering new alternatives to ways to which families enroll, increasing diversity, creating a new outdoor space that will include an art area and meet all current compliancy standards.


Laurel Hill celebrates its 70th Anniversary.