Laurel Hill staff members are highly dedicated, experienced professionals committed to teaching through the magic of play and fostering community through strong home-school connections.


Maria Chew - Director

Director Maria Chew has been an educator and an advocate for children and families for over 20 years. Starting her career as an elementary school teacher, reading specialist, and public school advocate, Maria’s educational philosophy came full circle when her son came to Laurel Hill in 2001. Discovering the impact that a strong, supportive community had on her own family, Maria quickly recognized that a co-op provides a strong foundation for child development and growth; not only for a child’s future education but for that child’s entire life.

Along with supervising staff and advocating inside the school and out for the LHNS educational philosophy, Maria has served as a preschool teacher in Red Room and a Pre-K teacher in Purple Room, and enjoys working with our dedicated community of educators.

When she isn’t attending Tuesday night meetings you can usually find her spending time with her husband Brian, her sons Dexter and Oliver, and her very large extended family.


Molly Boyll - Office Manager/Admissions Coordinator

Molly Boyll was born and raised in New York City but has been living in San Francisco for almost 20 years. She has a degree in Theater Production and still loves to act and sing. She is an alumni parent and was the Enrollment Chair for three years, even though her daughter Caroline only attended LH for two! When not at Laurel Hill, she devotes her time to her family, trying out new recipes, and reading.

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Anne Randall - Curriculum Coordinator

Red Room Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator Anne Randall joined Laurel Hill in 2003. Anne has twenty-five years of experience working in early childhood education. In 1992, she began her studies in early childhood education while volunteering at the Laurel School in San Francisco. Since then, she has taught at the Little Bear School, the Little School, and Playmates Cooperative. At Playmates, she discovered the true essence of play-based learning and developed a love for parent participation.

Anne has an Associate in Arts with an emphasis in early childhood education from City College of San Francisco and has completed extensive coursework in sensory integration. She has been awarded a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Anne also engages in continuing education opportunities. For example, she has studied The Alert Program for Self-Regulation for children and has attended conferences such as Bev Bos' Good Stuff for Kids seminar.

A passionate advocate for children’s play, Anne believes in giving children space and time to experience their innate sense of wonder She loves the thrill of their discoveries. In her spare time she loves music, art, nature, and baseball.

"There's no place on earth like Laurel Hill -- zero, nada, none. Laurel Hill is truly child-centered, truly play-based, and truly a committed environment for children's rights. Working side-by-side with parents for the greater good of the kids is one of the hallmarks that makes this place exceptional. Kids at Laurel Hill are allowed to learn on their own through all sensory experiences while having the care and loving guidance from the important adults in their life."


Sally Silva - Teacher

A native of California’s Central Valley, Sally Silva came to Laurel Hill in 2005. She studied Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University and American Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she began her career in Early Childhood Education teaching at a local pre-school. She then pursued her certifications, earning her teacher permit at Cabrillo College and her Director permit at San Francisco City College.

She teaches in the AM and PM pre-school programs, and is a lover of travel, exercise, and rest in her time off.


Collette Rowland - Teacher

Collette Rowland’s relationship with Laurel Hill dates back nearly twenty years. Her sons Flynn and Ike Beckman graduated from LHNS in 1999 and 2006, and Collette returned to the school as a teacher in 2012. A Montana native, Collette has lived in San Francisco since 1989. Before recognizing that her true calling was in Early Childhood Education, she worked in advertising, as a personal chef, and as a tour guide. She is grateful that Laurel Hill continues to thrive, and is excited to help the momentum, love, and power of our unique community carry on into the future.

When not at school, Collette enjoys cooking, baking, knitting, travel, sewing, reading, walking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family and her many friends from her days as a parent at Laurel Hill.


Sabrina Mirzaie - Teacher

Pre-K teacher Sabrina Mirzaie joined Laurel Hill in 2015 after teaching at a Montessori pre-school in San Francisco’s Sunset district for four years. She was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, but moved to San Francisco after graduating from UC Irvine with a degree in psychology and criminology. She has never had a job that did not involve working with children, from babysitting in middle school, working as a day camp counselor in high school, to teaching after college.

In her free time, she enjoys fleeing the fog to visit her large family in sunny Burbank.

Justin Volmert - Teacher

AM Red Room teacher Justin Volmert has worked with children of all ages for many years, but was particularly drawn to early education by his experiences as a student and teacher at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School, where he taught while pursuing his undergraduate work in child and adolescent development. After taking a quick break to pursue a legal career, he was delighted to return in 2015 to an inspiring play-based school supported by an amazing community.

He also coaches high school boys’ and girls’ tennis at the Urban School in San Francisco, and is an avid cyclist along with his partner Sarah.


Marissa Andrade - Teacher

Marissa Andrade’s love for teaching began in 2009 when she became an instructor at an enrichment studio in her hometown of Los Angeles. There she was blessed to experience working with both parents and children instructing a music and movement program dedicated to teaching young children through play. While working there she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development from California State University, Dominguez Hills. After graduating she made the move to San Francisco where she began nannying for a couple of families. She then decided it was time to commit to a teaching position. After a year at another school, she heard about a position available at Laurel Hill and knew this is where she wanted to be. Since joining the Laurel Hill staff in 2016, she has quickly become a beloved teacher not only of Yellow Room classes, but of daily Music and Movement in Blue Room.

“I believe that in order to be great at what you do you have to love what you do. I always loved music, but when I was able to share my love of music with the children and parents around me I knew that teaching was the path for me.”




Ann Phelan - Art Teacher

Art Consultant Ann Phelan is a San Francisco native and mother to a Laurel Hill alum who graduated from Columbia University and Barnard College in NYC. She is a working artist with many years experience including private and group shows, commissions, and international exhibitions. Her series of animals from Chinese mythology resides in the Wind Horse Collection in New York. Ann has collaborated with San Francisco artists including Laurence Ferlinghetti and Stephanie Peek, and she loves sharing the life-long process of artistic discovery, across a wide range of media, with children at Laurel Hill. In her leisure time Ann enjoys retreating to a family cabin in Inverness with daughter Natali and husband Vladimir.