The following outlines the required parent participation as members of the Laurel Hill community.


One 3 hour shift per week, per child.
Workdays cannot be missed. Members must arrange a sub or swap if they are unable to complete their required workday.


Business Meeting

Mandatory business meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.
One member from each family must attend every monthly business meeting.


Each member family will serve on a committee.
Expect to give your committee 12-15 hours of your time per year. Committee Chairperson will delegate duties at the monthly committee meeting.

Maintenance (Work) Hours

Each member family is responsible for completing 12 general maintenance hours for the school per year.
These 12 hours are in addition to and separate from the committee hours. 3 of these 12 hours must be dedicated to fundraising efforts by assisting the Fundraising Committee or the Auction Committee.


The school depends on assistance from each member family for fundraising and fiscal development. 
As part of your obligations towards fundraising for the school you will be required to: contribute 3 maintenance hours towards fundraising efforts or events, purchase a minimum number of raffle tickets and solicit at least one donation (valued at $100 or more) for the annual school auction.

Meeting Hosts

Each member family is obligated to host at least one meeting during the school year. 
Hosts are responsible for bringing snacks and beverages as well as the setup and clean-up of meetings.


Members must adhere to proper conduct expectations as described in Article IX of the bylaws.
Reasons for termination may include non-payment of tuition, failure to meet obligations and difficulty of member or child adjustment.