We believe that a play-based nursery school provides a warm and safe environment for children to grow.

Our Staff

A dynamic staff of caring, dedicated and inspired professionals committed to fostering each child's unique self.


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I was concerned about finding the right preschool environment for my son, who hadn't been exposed to daycare and didn't seem to like school tours. After hearing about LHNS from a friend, we attended the open house and my son just loved it! We were impressed with the play-based culture, the yard and the staff. My son has thrived in this environment and my husband and I have learned a wealth of valuable information in the parent ed meetings. My family is so grateful for LHNS!

- Julie Bishopp

Our family has truly loved immersing ourselves in the warmth and support of Laurel Hill.It is a collective experience for the entire family, not just the child. We initially fell in love with the opportunities for incredibly diverse and messy play. When my kiddo comes home with bags full of wet, sandy, paint-covered clothes, I know that he has had a varied, fun-filled, day. Beyond the colorful day-to-day education for our child, Laurel Hill has given us a community to grow with and learn from as parents. We treasure the connections that we have made as a family through the LHNS experience. 

- Amanda Hing-Hernandez 

When we had our oldest daughter attend Laurel Hill Nursery School back in August 2011, all the work hours and community hours felt really daunting. But once we took the dive it was the most amazing experience I could not have predicted. The school's philosophy and many parenting skills we learned at LHNS I still use to this day. Now with our second daughter about to begin her Laurel Hill sojourn I'm counting down the days for our return to the LHNS family.

-Kuba Mosur